On their return home from a recent conference, 20m before they reached their house, Boris and Irina Hausl were greeted with an unexpected surprise. Boris had said in his closing speech at the seminar that after such a week, hardships and opposition were to be expected. He referred to these hardships as “fire extinguishers” which are intended to put out the fire which God has worked in the heart.
Little did they know that they would experience what he said in such a literal way, except that it did not come in the form of “fire-extinguishers” but rather several fire engines, which had arrived only a short time before them to extinguish the fire in their house. The fire must have started approximately an hour before and was put out fairly rapidly before it could spread to other parts of their house.
The family have had to move into their guest-house, since their apartment is no longer habitable. Whatever the flames had not consumed is useless due to the black toxic soot, which covers everything. Boris and Irina are thankful to God, that no one was hurt and that they have at least some clothes from the seminar. Pray for Boris as he is struggling with insurance companies and other experts. Despite the great shock, they are full of confidence that the Lord has not made a mistake and that it will work out for their best. Therefore, on the Saturday afternoon, they gathered around the ruined piano in their burned living-room and, in defiance of the devil, gave praise to God as a family and sang “Creator of all the heavens”.
Pray for a smooth process with the authorities (insurance, police etc.) and that the insurance will cover the damage. Also pray for wisdom when organising the renovations. They also need a manager for their guesthouse.
Boris and Irina’s two oldest children, Ruth and Joseph, are studying at Bible-School in North Cotes for one year. Their other children are doing well so far in the midst of all the daily problems. Jael and Benjamin are now in sixth form and this brings with it totally new challenges.
Boris’ heart condition has subsided however the damage to the heart-posterior wall remains. For him, this means that he has to lose another 15 kilos. He has already managed to lose 25kg, and trusts that the Lord will give him grace for the rest as well.
Also this year, Irina had a fall and, due to the concussion, was bound to rest. More recently, Irina fell down the entrance stairs at their home and had to use crutches again for a week.
During a conference at Pentecost, Boris and Irina were able to establish a lot of new contacts, some as far away as Pakistan. They were invited to present the chronological teaching there in context of the cultural background. May the Lord make that possible in 2015. Boris also had a call from a group of young people who desperately want to make a trip to the native Indians in Brazil in order to gain information about the situation on-site. This, of course, makes Boris and Irina’s hearts leap, as they have been praying about this for years. Pray for wisdom about these trips for next year.
Also pray for wisdom for their upcoming ministries and for a seminar in February about the chronological teaching/discipling

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