Finishing well

Last week Steve finished teaching the chronological Bible lessons at the local primary school. They celebrated with a party with lots of cake and cookies and some speeches of appreciation.

This week he taught the death, burial and resurrection lessons at the local vocational school. 104 students sat heard the final Bible lesson marking the end of a 38 hour curriculum. Pray for the students that have gone through the whole Bible this year, that they would find opportunities to continue to learn and put their faith in the ‘Helper’ that God promised since the beginning.

The other big project that they are trying to finish up this week is the translation of the book ‘King of Glory’ into Tok Pisin. They’ve finished the 2nd draft now and another round of checks by others here in PNG will be the final checks and allow Steve and Gerdine to do the formatting before printing whilst in England.

Apart from the two ministries, they have been doing all kinds of small tasks at the centre. This includes driving mission kids to school, keeping in touch with missionaries in the tribes and looking for co-workers to join their team.

Once they return to England they will be staying with Steve’s family. The baby is due in mid-February. They will stay in England until all the paperwork is completed for the baby to travel abroad. They are planning to be in the Netherlands sometime in the spring and then return to PNG mid 2018.

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