Finding balance

Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach serving, God among the Glarro people in Liberia, West Africa are thankful for the progress they have been able to make in writing lessons over the last few weeks and for the progress they are seeing in the literacy classes.

Aaron’s helpers have been visiting faithfully. They were able to go over a few lessons that had been reworked and needed to be smoothed out here and there. Besides that, Aaron has been drafting the story of the birth of Moses.

Whilst the public school is on break Amy has used her extra time to make progress in the Glarro discourse analysis.

Together with their co-workers, they looked at their overall Bible lesson plan, and laid out the important topics throughout the various lessons. The way it is now laid out will help them to stay on track while making Bible lessons.

Last week a couple from the field leadership visited and encouraged them. The main reason for the visit was to help their co-workers with a language evaluation, but they also had some team meetings with them as well.

One evening Aaron took a sick child that had seizures due to high fever and malaria, half way to a bigger town in their car. An Ambulance met him and carried the 19 month old to the hospital from there. Sadly, the child did not make it.

Pray for their relationships with the Glarro people, that they would find opportunities to challenge their thinking and point them towards God. Lately, Aaron and Amy have felt like they are so much in the office that they do not spend much time with people. Pray for them to have find a better balance.

Spiritually, Aaron and Amy are having a little bit of a ‘low’ these last few weeks. Their prayers have become shorter, and distractions seem to get a foothold too. Besides that, physically they are both mostly good.  Please pray that they would not let distractions hinder them, but rather spend time with God and listen to Him, and learn to rely on Him more and more.

They thank God for His faithfulness and patience with them, and that He never stops working in their lives, even when they cannot always see what He is doing.

Thank you for praying.