Finalising drafts

Poul Joensen has returned to the Sorimi in Papua New Guinea and plans to teach from 1 Peter and do translation with the Sorimi men.

He needs to finalise his drafts of John 18-22, 2 Peter, Jude, Philemon, 1-3 John. Please pray that he can complete much of this, that men will be available to help and for their concentration to make good progress. Later this month Poul and three men fly to Wewak town. They will meet with a consultant to check previously completed work on the whole of Revelation and John 1-17. Early December, the three men fly back to Sorimi and then Poul plans to fly back to the UK.

Whooping cough has been diagnosed in a neighbouring tribe. It may well spread towards Sorimi during or after Poul’s visit. There isn’t a lot that can be done as medication and immunisations are rarely available. Pray that the bacterial infection does not spread and is limited in its effects. Pray for wisdom for Poul as he explains about the illness to the village people.

Pray for Carol and family back in the UK.