Final update

Poul Joensen arrived home safely at the beginning of the month after four days travelling and 24 hours in the air. All his travels went quite well.

Before he left, Poul was able to work with two men from Sorimi (a teacher from the Sorimi church and a trainee teacher from Wokomo church) for two-and-a -half weeks near Wewak town. They flew out from Sorimi to help him with various translation work. The three of them first made the necessary corrections which were seen during the recent big translation check. Then Poul alternated working with one man on 2 Corinthians and the other on 1 John; they completed translating these into final drafts. These books are considered as being more difficult to translate and though challenging at times, it went well. Amidst this, the men translated and typed certain OT stories, which they plan to later include in a booklet for further literacy reading and Sunday school use. Poul was very blessed by these two brothers in the Lord.

The Sorimi village and church faces changes in the near future. The gold prospecting continues and a logging company has been making a road through the jungle, which is nearing Sorimi land; these things are opening a completely new world to them, some helpful but bring many issues too. Much of Poul’s focus and teaching has been preparing them for such changes. Pray that they will continue to stand strong in their faith.

Poul and Carol are so grateful for your faithful prayers. The five Sorimi men who worked with Poul have also expressed their thanks to fellow believers in the UK who have been praying. These men have come to understand and value the wider picture of all that is involved to disciple the Sorimi church. They give glory and thanks to God for all He has done in their own lives and the Sorimi church!

Thank you for travelling this journey with them, walking through each step of the way and holding it before the Lord in prayer!

Just a few of the things that were prayed for and some of the answers:

  • health issues … nearly everyone working closely with Poul got malaria, including himself
  • progress … goals of translation and draft work accomplished
  • blessings … fellowship with the Christian leaders, whose hearts are on fire for the Lord and full of joy
  • encouragements … experiencing the faithfulness of the three churches and their desire to follow the Lord