Final checking

After that check the book of Genesis can be published. The believers already have the parts of Genesis which are used in the Bible teaching. It will be good for them to have the complete book of Genesis. Meanwhile, Robert has started working on the back to English translation of the first nine chapters of Exodus they translated into the tribal language. Nicole is doing content checking on that back to English translation. Lord willing, during their time in Papua New Guinea they will also go on translating the next chapters of Exodus.
Robert has also been able to finish the lessons on 1 John. They will check those as well this summer before the booklets of those lessons are printed. Now he is working on the lesson on 2 John. After that they only have to make a lesson on 3 John. When those lessons are done, there will be Bible lessons on all the books of the New Testament. Those lessons can be taught in the churches and are printed as booklets for personal use. Recently Bible lesson booklets on Revelation and Galatians were printed for the believers.
The New Testament evangelistic Bible lessons in the Iqwaye dialect are nearly corrected. Pray for the work of corrections in the Gwase dialect. Also, pray for the believer ministering in the Yagwoia church as they have had bad weather conditions.
Pray for Robert and Nicole as they prepare for their visit to Papua New Guinea.
Amos has had several tests at school this month. After the break he will start getting ready for the final exams which he will have the first two weeks of May. Elianne has applied for a four year course to study optometry. If they will accept her for that study she will start it in August. Jorim is doing well at school and really enjoys playing soccer.

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