Fifty years

New Tribes Mission opened up the Sepik region of PNG (where the Biem people are located) in 1972. Each year in March, all of the current Sepik missionary families gather for a five-day conference, and this year was a 50th celebration of God’s faithfulness in the Sepik. They were taught from the Word, encouraged and sharpened one another, and generally, left feeling completely wrecked physically due to the late nights, but full spiritually from the fellowship. In order to make this happen the seven-family support team drew in about another twenty-five families to the support centre and things got TIGHT. They are thankful for God’s grace and an effective time together.

While the church on Biem is a central focus of Brandon Buser and family’s ministry, it is hard to convey the broad scope of duties. Supervising a fibre optic installation on the centre, buying new guard dogs, overseeing personnel issues, organising a trip for a worker to get a prosthetic arm (pretty rare in PNG), aiding a search and rescue attempt for someone lost at sea, administering Covid tests, hunting for decomposing rats inside buildings, networking a medical evacuation, purchasing many commercial airline tickets (not online), and negotiating in a feud over an airstrip; is all part of the nitty gritty of life on a support centre, and they enjoy it because it is part of aiding the church plants that are happening in the Sepik.

In a few more months Brandon and family, after three years over in PNG, will pack up and make their way back to the USA for a year of home assignment. They still have a host of things that need to be sorted (vehicles, tickets, a pile of Covid forms, etc), and would appreciate your prayers that things would come together without much drama. They are looking forward to seeing family and friends again, and getting the chance to touch base with supporters.