Fifty years    

Wayne and Patsy Gibson count it a blessing to have spent this last year with the Piapocos in discipleship ministries. September marks 50 years that the Lord has allowed them to be in Colombia. They say, “We can only praise Him for His faithfulness to us and to others He has touched through these years. And we can’t thank the Lord enough for you, who have stood with us for much of this time. You have been a vital part in the work that God has been doing.”

The work on Bible studies and commentaries has been progressing. Their national co-worker has finished adapting the commentary on I and II Peter from Spanish to Piapoco. Then Wayne completed the formatting and the checking for grammar, spelling and meaning before printing and binding into spiral books.

Presently, their national co-worker is adapting the commentary of the book of Hebrews into Piapoco. These commentaries and Bible studies have been a big help in establishing the Piapoco church and believers in the faith. Many Bible teachers, church leaders and growing believers ask for these added helps, as well as the Bible study books. Having depleted their supply of the Bible study books, Wayne has been printing more to have on hand.

Please pray for the Bible teaching, which is happening in two areas:

Wayne has been teaching a Bible study to a mixed group on I Peter, and has opportunities to teach during some of the church services.

Their national co-worker continues meeting with and teaching the young people each week.

A Piapoco believer is nearing the end of the evangelism lessons for the Piapoco ladies in another area. When she taught the lesson on Nicodemus, all those hearing expressed their desire to place their faith in the Lord Jesus, seven women and two men. Praise the Lord for His work in their hearts.

Patsy continues with the ladies Bible study in the book of Acts, with the help of other lady teachers.

The childrens’ Sunday school time each week continues with Patsy and a Piapoco believer as the main teachers.

A trained Piapoco believer is teaching in his wife’s village upriver. His wife translates for him as he teaches in Spanish (he is from another people group). Wayne sent four copies of the evangelism lesson books with him, which include the Bible verses in their language. Pray for a clear understanding of the Gospel.