Fifty days away

Peter says ”We are living in uncertain times and in some situations, it seems like all we can do is pray for wisdom. Thankfully that is exactly what God tells us to do! And the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ continues to be proclaimed and His people continue to grow through trials. Praise His name!”

Peter and Rachel recently had the opportunity to rejoice with three of their sons Hans, Daniel and Steffan as each of them graduated from their studies. It was great for them to see God’s faithfulness as they passed these milestones in their lives. Now Caleb is the last one left being home schooled. Please continue praying for their son Karl and that God will give them wisdom in helping him.

In ministry, Peter and Rachel are grateful to the Lord for very encouraging meetings at the end of April. The leadership team they work together with does not meet in person very often, since they are scattered over four continents, so it was good to spend most of a week together to pray and to discuss ministry opportunities around the world.

This summer Peter has a quick trip to Florida to discuss security issues in one of the countries that missionaries are working in. Pray for wisdom as the challenges continue to increase.

In the autumn, Peter has several currently in the planning stages. One includes going to Europe for NTM Europe meetings in November. Lord willing, Rachel will be able to attend those too. They are not sure yet if they will manage to visit the Faroe Islands before those meetings.

Peter and Rachel are very thankful to God for prayer and financial support that allows them to stay involved in full-time ministry.

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