Fervent prayer

The fervent prayer of the Iski church, Papua New Guinea, since 2017 when they first heard God’s story in their language is to reach the language group (or tribe) right next door to them. These neighbouring people have sent over delegates each month to request missionaries to come to their village, learn their language and teach them God’s Story. In 2019 when Bible teachers planted another church in another Iski village, about 20-30 bi-lingual people from this language group visited, heard, and many were saved. This heightened the need not only for someone to begin evangelism among this people but also care for and disciple these new believers. Last November, Jason Williamson and his co-worker André Tousch were able to spend a few days visiting every village. This survey was to determine the best way forward to reach these people, either sending a new missionary team in there or, leaning on the Iski church to reach them in the future. “Who will tell us God’s story?” was their concern. Pray for the mission and for the Iski church as they evaluate this need.


The Iski missionary team is gearing up for a couple of translation checks over the next few months. In March, André and Aurélie will be checking the Gospels of John, Luke, as well as portions of Mathew, Colossians, and Philemon (1,800ish verses total). In May Jason plans to check Revelation, 1 & 2 Peter, 2 Timothy and Galatians (740 verses total). Pray for the team, as there is still a lot to do to get ready for these checks. Pray for Jason as he spends most of February in Iski to continue translation as well as equip and teach the church there.


Pray for the Williamson family as their son Judah’s time left here in PNG is winding down. He has lived in PNG for 16 of his 18 years! They will travel as a family back to the USA in June and will be there with him until August when Jason, Nisae and Eden return to PNG after settling him into University. Please pray for Judah and the family. Their eldest daughter Kadynn is living in the USA and so they look forward to spending time with her this summer!