Fellowship and refreshment

Norman and Bobby Murphy were recently able to spend a week meeting with a group of people, expat and nationals, who have a shared interest in working in one of the countries in the Asia-Pacific region. It was a great opportunity for them to network and participate with others, and to share information and resources with each other. It is always helpful and encouraging to Norman and Bobby when they hear how God is at work through the ministries of others around the region and to find ways to partner together as He leads.

Currently Norman and Bobby are attending the annual area conference. Each year the missionary teams get together for a time of fellowship and refreshment, sharing about what is taking place in their works. They pray about those things and study God’s Word together.

Soon after conference, Norman and Bobby will need to renew their visas and would really like visas that would be more flexible.

A while ago Norman visited a missionary family in another country who had come down with both malaria and dengue fever. They have been slowly recovering and are now back in their work again.

Thank you for continuing to pray for Norman and Bobby. Each week, sometimes each day, brings them new and different challenges and responsibilities that require wisdom and strength to deal with. Nevertheless, they are greatly encouraged at how God is at work around the region. Existing works are moving ahead and new initiatives are getting going. They remain in good health and are looking forward to the cooler weather that should be on its way soon.