Feeling low

David and Chris are grateful for family and carers that are able to support David’s Mum in her home as she comes to terms with new challenges in her life due to lack of mobility etc. Fortunately she has not had any further deterioration in her speech so David is still able to speak to her by telephone.

Sadly, David’s father passed away a few days before Christmas. Due to many factors outside of their control, they were not able to make it back to New Zealand to be at his funeral. This was a very hard thing for them both.
It was hard for them getting back into things again at the hospital. They felt on a real low for a few weeks.

Thankfully, God and the eternal certainty they have in Him is much greater than any feelings of discouragement they may have and we have been so very aware of His kindness in their lives in so many ways. Thank you so much to those of you who have prayed especially for them at this time – the Holy Spirit has been working in their hearts and helping them grow and mature through this time.

Because David’s Mum’s health has declined so much recently they have come to the decision that they will be making a short trip back to New Zealand for six weeks. They are due a twelve-month home assignment next year (2019) so they will take some of that time early. The main purpose of this trip is to be able to spend time with David’s Mum. They booked tickets to arrive in New Zealand early June and return to Asia Pacific mid July 2018. Their longer official home assignment is due to start mid- 2019.

Life continues to be full as usual and David and Chris are so grateful to the Lord for a new appreciation of His joy in ministry.

David has had a few speaking opportunities in churches that he hasn’t spoken in before and finally managed to deliver the first of six seminars on pastoral care for the local sector church leaders.

Thank-you once again for your faithful prayer support for David and Chris.

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