Faithfulness and goodness

Robert and Rosemarie Baghurst’s year started with celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and enjoying lunch with friends at their favourite restaurant by a lake. They are also excited that more of their former students have reached the field for the first time.

At the training centre where they serve, the new RACC building for the students and staff to use has just opened, and they pray that it will be a big blessing. It has been a long time in coming but is all paid for, and they thank the Lord for His faithfulness and goodness. There are a few areas yet to be completed, such as the kitchen.

The van that Robert uses to buy the centre’s supplies has 228,000 miles on the clock and it is starting to play up while he is driving it. He also uses a pick-up truck and a one-ton truck. Please pray for a new van as Robert uses the ‘buyers-van’ the most. Please pray for safety while driving in the winter weather.

Recently Rosemarie was able to see a specialist about her knee. They were very pleased with what they had to say, and the outcome was that all being well, she will be having a right knee replacement February 23rd. They would be very grateful for your prayers on that day and the week previously when she goes for a pre-op and a class about the procedure.  The estimated recovery time is around six weeks if she does all her exercises!