Faithfully led

It has been ten years now since Andrew and Rachel Trott with Simeon and Hazel first started the journey toward involvement in cross-cultural church-planting and development among an unreached people group. God has faithfully led, through each step, each twist and turn.

They are excited to be joining the Maliyali in Papua New Guinea. The missionary team has been there since 2018, they have learned the language and culture, taught literacy classes so that the people can read God’s Word in their own language. They have begun translating God’s Word and have presented the Gospel, teaching the people from creation through Christ’s death burial and resurrection. Less than a year ago, after presenting the Gospel, believers were born into God’s family, praise be to God! Unfortunately, around the same time, one of the missionary families had to leave the work and move home permanently due to ongoing health issues. This was a huge blow to the church and the missionary team.

During a visit to Maliyali the believers expressed that they are young in their faith and that the mountain of work for only two missionary families is too much, and they asked the Trott family to come work together with the team. This was a great answer to prayer, and they are thankful that the Lord put it on the believer’s hearts to see their need and that the rest of the community wants them to join the team in the village too.

The baby Maliyali church has yet to learn about their life in Christ, about what it means to be a body together, and so much more. Not to mention the years ahead of translation that goes along with teaching and discipleship. There are around 14 other Maliyali speaking villages in the area that need God’s Word as well and the Church will need guidance and encouragement as they grow and then reach out to their fellow people with the Gospel.

Andrew, Rachel and family will be moving into an existing house in early September and will begin culture and language study in Maliyali. They are anticipating this process to take two to three years. This is an important step that will enable us to clearly and effectively communicate with believers and unbelievers.

Pray for:

• Them as they soon transition from the supply-buying role to life in Maliyali and start learning language and culture with their new friends.

• The missionary team, that they would honour Christ as they work together in unity, following His leading at each step.

• The young church in Maliyali to hold fast to each new bit of truth they are hearing from God’s Word, and that they would submit to His Spirit as they grow in Him.