Faithful to teach

Wes Goddard praises the Lord for many ministry opportunities and that he and his co-workers are able to live out at their houses in the tribe and for safety in travel to the different ministry locations.

Along with two Pai Bible teachers from Paraguay, and a Brazilian missionary, Wes made another trip back to the same Pai community in Brazil, where they had previously visited. They held another half-day session of teacher training for the people in a small church there. They plan to go back there very soon to continue teaching them the value of foundational Bible teaching, and in addition, how to use the lesson materials.

A visit was made to the Pai community in Brazil, where they had also held teacher training sessions. They had some really good visits with two Pai Bible teachers and a pastor. The two Bible teachers, originally from Paraguay, have been residing in Brazil for a number of years. They both plan to start up new Bible classes in two separate locations, to teach the foundational Bible teaching lessons. Wes gave them some lesson materials to use and promised to provide them with Bible illustrations, as well. He and the Pai Bible teachers from Paraguay, plan to go over there once a month, to assist the two teachers and provide them with more materials, as necessary.

Please pray for the two Bible teachers and their wives, that they would be faithful to teach, and that Wes and the Bible teachers in Paraguay would be able to encourage and provide them with the tools that they need to continue doing Bible teaching within their community.

Wes continues to hold two home Bible studies in a nearby Pai community—scheduled for twice a week. Pray concerning another three-day Bible teaching session to be held for a community in August. Pray too for the Pai youth camp, to be held in mid-August. Thanks so much for praying!