Faithful prayer warriors

The main holdup is that the contractor has not found a carpenter to do the tin roof. Please pray for the right carpenter – one who will do a good job, who is available now and who will charge a reasonable price. Pray that the windows and doors will soon be ready and arrive ready for installation. Pray that the well digger will actually finish the well. If all goes as planned, the inside of the house should be complete in a month. It should only take a carpenter 1-2 weeks to complete the roof.

As Alessandro and Chantal approach the end of the building process, pray for all the details of their upcoming move, including the planning of the house inauguration (house warming party.) They have been amazed to see God provide and trust He will provide for the amount outstanding.

Pray for their next trip to Guinea. They will be going as a family this time as they will be having team meetings with the leadership. Pray for wisdom as they meet and discuss the next steps, such as starting the literacy programme and the Bible teaching. Pray that God would lead them as to whether they can have their house inauguration during this time.

Pray for the rest of their time in Dakar as they continue with their language sessions and as they work on their to-do list of things which they must accomplish before the move/house inauguration.

The lady that has been helping them with the kids, will be leaving early this month. Pray for a safe trip back to Italy for her. They are thankful that another young woman has agreed to help them. She will be arriving towards the end of March, for almost three months. Pray that their move would actually happen while she is with them. Pray for her as she prepares to arrive in Senegal and for her time with them.

Some other Konyagi projects are currently taking place (done by other organisations.) Pray for the Bible translation of the New Testament to be completed soon and for the team that is working on dubbing the Jesus Film into the Konyagi’s language.

Alessandro and Chantal feel truly blessed to have a team of such faithful prayer warriors!

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