Faithful God

Mark and Janet Case have been supporting church planting in Paraguay for seventeen years. They want to thank you for your partnership through prayer in reaching the tribal people of Paraguay with the Gospel! Their vision is to see thriving churches among the nineteen different indigenous people groups and to see these churches equipped to reach the next generation!

The mission has worked with the Ayoreo people in Paraguay and Bolivia to see churches planted and the Scriptures translated. Currently, all the New Testament and about half of the Old Testament is completed and in printed form.

For the past several months, a group of five Ayoreo believers have been working alongside missionaries to continue translating the remaining portions of the OT.  They study the passages using different Spanish versions and helps.  They are assisted by the missionaries with this exegetical study to make sure that they understand the meaning. Then they translate the passage working together to make sure it is clear, accurate, faithful, and natural.

After translating, they do “comprehension checks” with individuals in the community to make sure it is clearly communicating in the heart language of the people.  They do “content checks” to make sure that nothing was skipped or added. Then the text is back translated to Spanish so that the international translation consultant can review it and do an on-site comprehension check. Finally, it is reviewed and formatted for printing.

Recently, the book of 1 Chronicles was completed, checked, and is now being formatted for printing.  Praise the Lord for this progress!

Not only has another book of the Bible been translated, but the lives of these five men have been deeply impacted through their own personal study of these Scriptures. To translate a passage, you must thoroughly understand it.  This project is helping translate Scripture and transform lives through the power of God’s Word!

As Mark and Janet Case reflect on God’s faithfulness over the years, the memories also cause them to give thanks to you for your prayers and support! They will be taking a home assignment back in the US and Canada from Sept. 2024 till about the middle of January 2025. They are looking forward to connecting with family, friends, and churches to hear how God has been working in others’ lives and to be able to share what God is doing in Paraguay.

Pray for all the details to come together for this short home assignment such as covering responsibilities while they are gone; finding a vehicle; acquiring some short-term housing needs; setting up meetings in churches, schools, and homes, etc.