Fabulous News!

While Albert, Lynne and Stevie Castelijn were in town over the Christmas break, exciting things were happening among the Banwaon.

In mid-January, they flew back to the village and went straight into home quarantine. The first afternoon they were back the Bible teachers could not resist going to the house to update them on things.

Standing several meters away, with big grins on their faces, they told them how in December there was a big baptism while the Castelijns were away.

As more folk in the main churches and various outreaches were taught through the chronological Gospel lessons last year and came to put their faith in Christ they were later taught, amongst other things, about baptism.

Albert and Lynne knew that a baptism was planned sometime. They did not realise NINETY-NINE people would be baptised!

They are thankful that despite turmoil and disturbing news around the globe there are still many reasons to be encouraged.

God is still at work in peoples’ lives, building His church.