Eyes on God, not on the difficulties

Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach who serve among the Glarro people of Liberia recently signed up to be repatriated to the USA.

After passing twelve check points along the way without hassle (in spite of travel restrictions), they arrived at the airport in Monrovia in time for the flight. Now they are living with Amy’s family in Tennessee, USA.

Their co-workers are staying in the village, but are hoping to go on home assignment in July, or as soon as flights are available again.

Amy has already scheduled a doctor’s appointment for two weeks from now. In the meantime, they are keeping a low profile and are staying at home. Aaron has gained a bit of strength. He ended up taking antibiotics followed by a malaria treatment.

They will be working on the Bible lessons and preparing some drafts for new lessons, which will give them a head start for when they go back.

The difficult spots Aaron hit in his eighth Bible lesson (Gen 3:15-23) are not all resolved yet, but they have some ideas which they think might work in getting across the concept that through hardships God wants to teach them/us something.

Amy also can continue to analyse Glarro discourse features, as she can do that on her own, with the recordings of Glarro.

They thank God for how clearly he provided and went before them in enabling them to reach Monrovia in spite of travel restrictions and a 3 p.m. curfew. Praise Him for His goodness towards them and for answering prayer. He is faithful and keeps directing them in making Bible lessons.

Pray for their co-workers, who will be holding down the fort in the village. With a very poor internet connection, it is even more difficult being isolated these days.

Ask that God will direct them in how to use their time in the USA.

Pray for the Glarro, and that these days of uncertainty will humble them and cause them to look for God.

Thank you for your prayers for Aaron and Amy, their co-workers and the Glarro.