Extending the reach

The Lord took care of Hugo and Mariana Morales all the way on their 30 hours of travel. They thank everyone who was praying for their trip to northern Mexico.

Together with the family with whom they are in the team-building process, the leadership and the mission’s security team, they have reached the decision about the area where they will minister. It is an area with easier access, has public transportation and a paved road. It is closer to the airport and larger cities. This was taken into account, since it will be the first work of the ‘Mission’, in southern Mexico. It will be better for the families that will be working there and for the consulting that they will need in the different stages of the ministry: learning of the language and culture, literacy, Bible translation, etc.

Hugo and Mariana thank God that they already have a place to begin the work. They are excited about the new stage that will begin in mid-September. Pray for this transition and decision-making process to define the strategy that they will have in the ministry to work together with the believers in the area in order to extend the reach of the Gospel together.

During the next few months they want to spend time with people and visit churches, but the situation with the pandemic makes all plans change. The text in Lamentations reminds them that it is good to wait on the Lord. He knows what is happening in the world and is in control of everything. Nothing has taken Him by surprise.

So, for now, Hugo and Mariana will wait on the Lord, and see how He guides them. They will visit with the families that are available and are willing to take any virtual meeting that they can attend.

Lamentations 3:24 “Jehovah is my portion, says my soul; therefore I will hope in Him.” Hugo and Mariana  appreciate your prayers.