Extended home assignment

As Lourens and Marie approached their return date to PNG in April, they in consultation with their home church and upon their recommendation, have decided to extend their furlough through 2015. During this time they are going to focus on enhancing their ministry among the Mengen people. Pray for them as they address some family, educational, financial and extended family issues. They are thankful for your partnership in this ministry through prayer.
The believers in the Mengen tribe are doing well. As a team and in partnership with the Mengen believers the missionaries have decided it would be good to allow them some time on their own this year in order to practice and apply what they have been taught over the years. Without a missionary presence in the village, the believers now have to work through problems and decisions on their own which is a real time of growth for them.
Keep on praying for the outreaches and for the two Mengen missionary families who recently presented the Gospel to two new groups of people. Lourens and Marie are thankful to hear of these new believers who will now need continual teaching and discipleship. Pray for the couples leading these outreaches. Also pray for the two believers who joined them and are going to assist them.
Especially pray for Lourens and Marie’s co -worker, Rebecca Preheim, as she continues to work on Bible translation. She says, “It has been wonderful to have quite a lot of time for Bible translation, although I feel like I have a few “irons in the fire” when it comes to translation at the moment. Coming up in April, I’m scheduled to have seven books checked, which will be a huge relief once that’s behind me! Also, I’m starting to lay the groundwork for new Bible books while waiting for the translation check to take place. These days find me in the book of Galatians, working to get a rough draft laid out in the Mengen language. This will give me a good start for when I sit down with my Mengen co-workers when I visit our village once again in the months ahead.”

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