Exodus check

Rainy season has started in West Africa where Lív serves and they have already had some good rains, so the villagers are happy. Pray for a good rainy season.

Currently a translation consultant is visiting to make the final check of Exodus, that the young translator has translated. They hope to complete this by the end of tomorrow. Prior to this visit they were able to go through the draft of the book of Judges, also prepared by the young translator, and continue to proofread the New Testament.

Two of Lív’s co-workers have returned to the USA on home assignment for some months. While they are gone there is no Bible teaching. Usually when the believers meet, Lív’s co-worker would ask for prayer and praise requests at the beginning, and then he would pray for the different subjects. But some time ago he started to encourage the believers to pray themselves. It has been such a blessing to hear some of them pray, especially two of the older men. Their prayers are real testimonies of how God is working in their lives. Praise the Lord for these encouragements.

The last time the believers met before her co-workers left, her co-worker told those that attended, that they would be leaving to go see their family. People started giving blessings and wishing them well and were starting to leave. But then one of the men who had been praying, asked everybody to be quiet, because he wanted to pray for them and their trip. It was such an encouragement that he did this of his own initiative. He prayed for them and for the believers that would be left in the village, that they would continue to follow Jesus. This is the same man that has been Lív’s faithful language helper when the translation consultants visit. He has had health issues and went to see a heart specialist and is doing much better now. One evening at the teaching he was praising the Lord for the help he had received. He said that he was sure that he was going to die, but the Lord spared his life. Another man in the village who had the same symptoms, died. This man had refused to see a heart specialist, since he believed that someone had cast a spell on him.

At the end of March, Lív went for a three-week trip back home to the Faroe Islands. It was her brother’s 70th birthday, and he had decided to celebrate it. It was nice for Lív to see friends and family and the progress on the renovation of her house, which is not going as quickly as she would have hoped, but at least it is moving forward. Lív will be going home this summer for some weeks and is looking forward to it. She will enjoy reconnecting with friends, family and churches and to enjoy the cooler weather and some Faroese food.

Thank you for standing with Lív in prayer.