Exciting weeks

Donovan Epp and co-worker John were able to split the teaching up between the two of them, making it easier for the people to listen. It also keeps the work load more manageable. Charla is constantly with the ladies, and she helps watch to see if the Agta are following the teaching or falling asleep, or looking confused! So far no one is sleeping in church.
The team are thankful for prayer which is keeping them strong in the Lord, they are encouraged with what the Lord is doing.
Agta are not only coming, but they are not shy and are opening themselves up to being vulnerable to answer questions, and even being involved in illustrations.
People have been following along really well in the first lessons, many answering correctly, and talking about the lesson afterwards.
Some Agta who missed the lessons have come by the next day to see what they missed, and so the team have had a chance to help them to catch up.
One of the village children ended up in hospital with pneumonia but is now back in the village and eager to hear the teaching.
The teaching was delayed for a week when nearly all the Agta left the village to go to the town to receive their equivalent to ‘child tax benefits’.
The missionary team continue to thank the Lord for the energy and direction for each day.

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