Exciting things are happening

For many years, the missionary team and the Buru church in Asia –Pacific have had the desire to build a dorm so that all the village kids who continue attending school past the first few years have a central and safe place to live and dorm parents who can teach them the Scriptures. The village where Sasch and Charissa Schwendich live only has a primary school. Older children have had to find a school several hours away where they then live with little or no adult supervision or spiritual guidance. Praise God the church was able to purchase land for a reasonable price, and even have enough funds left to finish government paperwork and begin preparing the land. This land is in one of the main locations that the kids go to school.

Pray for Sasch, Charissa and the team and the Buru church in Asia-Pacific as they continue in this new endeavour. Pray for funds to build the dorm and a house for the dorm parents and for meetings. They hope that eventually they will be able to hold regular church services there and perhaps even start a church plant someday. Pray that God will continue to work in the hearts of future dorm parents so they will be ready to take on the task. Pray that this will indeed be a blessing for the Buru school kids.