Exciting news

God provided a substitute to teach for Fernando and Tabitha da Silva so that they could go on home-assignment. Little did they know that God was orchestrating so much more so and their plans are coming together in amazing ways. Please pray with them that Fernando can get an extended visa for the Netherlands, as they would like to be there together for Christmas (being pregnant, Tabitha is not allowed to travel later) and stay long enough after the delivery to arrange passports, immunisations and just get used to being parents, without having to leave the country immediately after the birth. The paperwork for this visa is proving quite challenging and it seems like an impossible situation but God is able to do miracles. Thankfully Fernando did pass a test in Dutch language, culture and history at the embassy in South Africa, which is one of the requirements to apply for this extended visa.
A school year finished and a new one began and Fernando and Tabitha have continued to experience God’s faithfulness and help as they teach. New colleagues joined the school, which has lightened Tabitha’s workload considerably. Fernando continues to keep very busy with all his science, Chemistry, Physics, Portuguese and Bible classes. They enjoy their work and pray that God will use them in the lives of the children. Pray for energy, wisdom and creativity as they teach.
Fernando and Tabitha spent a few very special days with the complete Groot-family in South Africa. The last time they were all together was over two years ago at their wedding. They took the occasion of Tabitha’s parent’s’ 35th wedding anniversary to meet together and met their new nephew for the first time.
Last month NTM had a conference to celebrate the organisation’s presence in Mozambique for ten years. Testimonies of God’s faithfulness and how He works out His plans in ways we may never imagine were shared. Reports were given about the work going on in the different village locations. Pray for continued spiritual growth among the Mwinika and Lolo believers and for wisdom as the missionaries teach and translate. The missionaries among the Maindo are progressing in their language study and their relationships with the people. Fernando and Tabitha are encouraged to hear of what God is doing around the country. Pray for the peace of the country and the safety of its people, including the missionaries.

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