The last few months have been very exciting for Johannes and Lisa who serve in Asia-Pacific. Just a few days ago they arrived back in Austria for a few months, for the birth of their daughter. The Lord is gracious and faithful in all things.

Before leaving, they had many opportunities to share God’s Word in youth groups, women’s groups, and in Sunday services. They are encouraged that their language ability is good enough to share truth in the national language!

In August, they flew interior to another language group of 7,000 people, via helicopter. The village they visited and where their future teammates are living has around 200 people. The people generally live quite scattered in a large area isolated in the mountains. There are no roads, just one or two bush plane airstrips and helipads. It is a five-day walk through rugged terrain to the next town.

Their co-workers gave them a warm welcome and they gained a good idea of what life is like there. They were surprised how hard life is for the people – the men carry their bows and arrows almost everywhere they go – but despite their toughness they can also be very friendly.

On their return from the tribe, there was a conference for all NTM missionaries serving in the country. The Lord is calling people from all over the world to serve in missions there and it is very encouraging.

Johannes and Lisa also started the team building process with their co-workers. They had video conferences with field leaders and many consultants because they are facing some challenges in regards to the ministry ahead, mainly due to a complicated dialectal situation that will have an effect on the future literacy and Bible translation project. There are also social factors to consider. Pray for wisdom and guidance from the Lord in this matter.

Now they are spending time in Europe and enjoying seeing family and friends again, even if they probably will not be able to do as much as they hope, Lisa will soon be heavily pregnant, and their baby is due in mid-December. They hope to return to Asia-Pacific as soon as February.

Praise and thanks:

– Lisa and Johannes both recently passed their last major national language exam last week and have now officially completed NTM’s study programme. They are very happy and encouraged that everything went so well!

– For a blessed time in the village and good fellowship with their future team.

– For an uncomplicated pregnancy and protection from tropical diseases so far.

– For both an apartment and a car for their time in Europe.

– For a good trip to Europe without Corona problems (long-distance travelling is still complicated and there was a lot to consider but everything went well).

– Their Visa extensions were finished just a few days before departure. This means there will not be any complications for them when they want to return, praise the Lord!

Prayer requests:

– For a blessed time in their home city.

– For the rest of the pregnancy and birth.

– For the team to find a good strategy for serving the people group.

– Strength and wisdom for team members who are now back in the tribe.

Thank you for your faithful prayers!