Excitement wells

It was nearly a year ago that Brandon and Rachel Buser and family left Papua New Guinea for what they hoped would be 12 months of home assignment in the USA. In that time they travelled over 10,000 miles, braved Michigan in January, and became intimately acquainted with the USA’s healthcare system as they sought solutions to Rachel’s array of medical and dental issues.

The Lord has been so gracious through it all, and while Rachel’s improvement has been slow, they are encouraged that it has been happening. With just two months left of their time in the USA, they continue to pray for further progress. Please pray for the finances to meet the health costs incurred over this time at home.

After a year of community college, their oldest, Briana, is excited to transfer to University. As they anticipate their looming departure for PNG, this is yet another huge prayer point for them. Pray that the Lord would strengthen and provide for their daughter during the year ahead. They covet your prayers for the coming goodbyes and separation.

Their excitement to see the Biem church continues to well up in them. A year away from these that they have ministered among for over fifteen years is painfully long. A recent visit by their German co-workers to the island showed strengths and weaknesses in the body. It was encouraging for Brandon and Rachel to hear of believers working through sin issues with clarity and repentance, but hard to hear of others who are struggling with a lack of graciousness that is not representative of the Saviour. The words of Paul in 2 Corinthians 11:28 (Besides everything else, I face daily the pressure of my concern for all the churches) seem to resonate louder in their hearts with every year that passes and with every story they hear of their brothers and sisters on Biem. They appreciate all the prayer and support given over the years to see the people reached and now discipled on to maturity in Him. Thank you for your partnership through prayer.