Excitement is contagious!

Such is also the case among the new first year students enrolled in an on-line Bible school. Three four ago, the teaching team did not know for sure if there would even be a new class enrolment. Now, as they enter the third week, they have almost 50 eager participants – almost double the size of the first class. These new students come from six countries in Asia. Praise the Lord for the wonderful privilege God has given to be involved with these dear brothers and sisters. The goal is to have a part in equipping them with tools for both local and cross-cultural ministry.

Last year’s class has moved successfully into the second year of the programme. For them, the new year will bring their Biblical studies to completion, and they will begin courses that will prepare them for learning languages, church planting ministries, making literacy courses, exposure to Bible translation principles and much, much more. The teaching team consider it an honour to interact with the students as they sense God directing them to reach the least reached peoples of the world around them. Many are overcoming barriers like studying using English, which is not their first language. Some struggle with poor internet connections while working on their cell phones. Others are juggling fulltime ministry while completing their courses. All of the 80 students value your prayers as God prepares them for His work.