Daniel and Nicole Noort from the Netherlands, former students at North Cotes College, serve with Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (NEFC). They are grateful to the Lord that in July they were able to move house. The Lord sent a few strong people from a nearby reserve to help them move. It only took a day because they only moved one kilometre. Their sincere prayer is that this will be home for the next few years. There is still a lot of work to be done in and around the house. Their focus is now getting everything ready for winter, for example insulating the addition, putting new glass in two windows, chopping wood for the woodstove, and having the heating system operational. Already in September, they can expect night frost.

They love where they live. They love the people, the prairie, the hot summer and very cold winter and the space. The first few days in their new home felt unreal. They are so grateful for this great blessing of the Lord.

A team from a church that Daniel and Nicole learnt about does a children’s programme called Kingdom Rock in conjunction with the local community church in an area not too far away from where they live. Recently, Daniel and Nicole were so happy to be able to join in and be group leaders of different age groups. Daniel and their son, David,leading the 11–18 year-olds, and Nicole leading the 8-11 year-olds. From Monday to Friday, they entertained the kids with games, crafts, and Bible stories. Snacks and lunch were provided. It was a great week.

Their prayer was to connect with these local kids and build friendship with them. Ninety percent of the population in the area is of First Nations decent. Ninety nine point nine percent of the kids attending Kingdom Rock were indigenous coming from the local town or four surrounding reserves.

Daniel and Nicole are very excited that the week after Kingdom Rock, a group of kids attended church and Nicole provided Sunday school for them. Please pray that this will continue. One girl has expressed the desire to get to know the Lord better. Every day her great grandma brought her to Kingdom Rock. Please pray for wisdom how they can minister to this girl and her family.

Daniel is still waiting for his work permit. His current one is for a different area because at the time of joining NEFC they did not know where they would be sent.

They are also very grateful that David received his visitor extension. With that, he could finally apply for Bible College. He prayerfully choose one that is only a three-hour drive north from them. He has been accepted and has applied for a student visa.

Praise the Lord

• For the new home, the helpers He sent, and providing a friend who lent his truck to haul water for the cistern.

• For David’s papers and acceptance in Bible school.

• For His work through all who ministered at Kingdom Rock.

• For the many children and parents who heard the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Pray with them

• That the man who can fix the heater system in their house will do so soon.

• That the Bible lessons will work in the hearts of the people attending church.

• That David’s student visa will arrive in time.

• That children continue to attend Sunday school.

• For wisdom and patience in responding to young believers.