Excited about literacy

They have been preparing all the material for literacy, writing the primers, the teacher’s manual and short stories for the weekly readers. Building the blackboard and making the flashcards, printing, laminating, cutting and stapling were all tasks that needed to be done to prepare the teaching materials.
It was worth the pain! The people are all very excited about literacy. Their first week went very well. The Sunday before classes started they had a community meal to rejoice about this programme and to show the unity of the community – the “one-stomach” as they put it in their language. On the first day of teaching, everyone in the village, including visitors from a neighbouring village, stood in a line so that the students and the teachers (Aurélie and co-worker Nisae) could shake their hands! Then in the classroom they were all very quiet and listening attentively.
The first week they taught about the basics of reading and writing: how to hold a book/pencil, reading from left to right, recognising letters and recognising/writing their names, etc. This week Aurélie and Nisae have started teaching them to read some syllables and words in their language. Please continue to pray for this work. Literacy will continue for 16 weeks for this first class. During this time they would also like to train future teachers for the next classes.
André has made some progress. He is still in the story of Joseph. He works with two local men and is thankful for the conversations he can have with them during the sessions. Please pray for these two men as they have an important role in this work. They are the first ones to hear the Word of God in their heart language.
André records, transcribes and then checks the comprehension with another local man. Next, Aurélie and Nisae check the comprehension with some women and after that André makes corrections before Aurélie translates it back to literal English, so that consultants can check the contents. This week, a consultant will come to check the detail of Genesis chapters 37, 39, 40 and 41. Please keep this work in your prayers!
André and Aurélie’s children; Nathanaël, Laure-Élise, Lydianne and Abigaïl are doing great! As Aurélie is busy teaching the first literacy class in the village from ten to noon, Monday to Friday, she home schools from eight to ten and then in the afternoon when needed. From ten to noon the children work a bit by themselves and then play with their friends. André and Aurélie are pleased to see them play more and more with the village children. They have been busy building a little village of their own with bamboo sticks as well as making little gardens with bananas and pineapples.

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