Lisa Kappeler is almost at the end of her time visiting Wabuku in Papua New Guinea. She will head out with the couple who have been doing their ‘bush’ orientation, at the end of the month. It has been a really good and profitable time. It has had its challenges but mostly Lisa is just so thankful for the time with the people. Once Lisa’s co-workers return from home assignment, she will move back to Wabuku full-time.

The main goal for this visit was to get the post literacy programme up and running for those who had finished the main literacy course. Praise the Lord it is going well. The people are excited about it and faithful to attend. They average a good two hours each day. Lisa can only applaud them for their patience and willingness to keep trying. The Lord has given her the words and the opportunities to encourage them at various stages. It has been so encouraging for her to watch them make progress and keep trying.

There have been many challenges too this visit. Lisa’s house batteries are dying so power is an issue. She has some solar lights that allow her to have light at night – however dim that might be.  Cold showers are less difficult as the days go on, but still not her favourite. Rats and more rats…the battle is a daily struggle. A lady in the village is struggling with some mental health issues right now. This has happened before but it seems worse this time. It is taxing on her husband and kids, and everyone in the village. They have been very gracious with her – recognising that she is sick. She is disruptive to conversations and literacy too. Please pray for her, that the Lord would return her to her right mind. Pray for her family too, to persevere and not get weary.

 Pray for Lisa’s final days in Wabuku. She needs to get everything ready for the post literacy to continue in her absence. She has a pre-check to do on two upcoming translation checks as well as a phonemic write-up to evaluate so a team can finalise their orthography. The days are busy; the Lord has been so faithful in empowering her to do the next thing. He sustains in the midst of rats and non-ideal living conditions. He is more than enough for all of these things – and she has seen His grace and strength prove sufficient daily.

Lisa also had a translation check this week. Her consultant suggested they try it remotely online so he can see and hear the Wabuku men restate the portions she reads. The check went well.