November was busy for Paul and Naomi Born as they settled into their new home, which they LOVE. This Christmas will be their first on their own as a family of four, they are so glad to be spending the time together and hope that they will have some rest. Pray that they all get 100% healthy and stay that way over the holidays.

Paul and Naomi have loved looking after the precious volunteers at North Cotes: fellowshipping, getting to know them more, encouraging and praying with them. Pray for the volunteers as they return home for Christmas.

Another part of their ministry is to co-ordinate short-term mission trips. They are currently organising a trip to the Philippines in August and are so excited. Please pray for this trip.

Paul will soon be starting to train up someone else to take over his role of ordering supplies for the campus, which will free him up to focus more on his other ministries.

Naomi has been teaching phonetics. Unfortunately, she has had some times of sickness and spent a week at home with a bug. Next term she will be teaching all of January and February twice a day, so they would appreciate prayers for this busy time.

Ezra also fell ill but thankfully, it did not last as long as Naomi’s did. Aria has a bad cough.

Aria and Ezra are learning a lot and growing. They have applied for primary schools for Aria in September. Both are sleeping through the night in their own rooms. They love to have their own room. After Christmas Ezra will be moving up into the preschool room in the nursery, which means that Aria and Ezra will be together, which is exciting but please pray for this transition for the both of them.