Exceedingly blessed

Although the year for Phil and Vina Le Roux started at a low point, they can see the goodness of the Lord as they look back at 2023.

The Lord recently blessed Phil and Vina with the unexpected gift of residence visas being fully paid for by a dear friend. The process was started in January and they just heard in November that it was finally granted! Now they only need to get their Icard renewals done. They will no longer need to renew visas every two years.

They have been delighted by the support that they have received from their church members with regard to the outreach, which is still going strong and will be completed in January.

During the year, they have introduced their own songbooks in the church, started Sunday school for kids and adults, introduced corporate prayer and tithing and Phil has taught extensively through the book of Acts.

In March, Phil and Vina had a much needed and blessed visit from their Pastor. They cannot express how much it has helped them personally and in their ministry.

In July they headed to the USA where they were able to serve at a vacation Bible school, a missions conference and help out at Rock Haven Bible Camp, and visit with their children, which was especially good for one of them who has had a really rough year medically and emotionally.

During this time in the USA, the Lord worked in the hearts of precious brothers and sisters in Christ and provided through them a vehicle for the church, and enabled them to purchase land to build a permanent church building!

They have been delighted to see the church grow in faith, service and number this year. Better than they ever could have hoped for, despite having to say goodbye to several church members who left the island.

While Phil and Vina were in the USA, it was a good time to see how the church would function under the leadership of a national Pastor. On their return they were pleased to hear the Pastor and his wife had been praying about staying on Agutaya and continuing to serve in the church.

In September, the “Chariot” (the vehicle purchased for the church) arrived on the island and they began the process of negotiating for the church land. The church members were so excited about the church land that they volunteered their Saturday mornings to clear it of trees and bushes.

With the help of a precious brother in Christ, the process of getting the church registered began in order for it to be purchased in the name of Agutaya Bible Church. At this time, the Lord provided stationery for two schools, through a generous school in the USA. Phil also found a sponsor for organising and building a schoolroom on another island. Another school building is in the process of being built due to the generosity of another business.

While in Manila, Phil and Vina were blessed with a visit from dear friends from South Africa. It was such a precious time! Registering the church is such a complicated process and there is so much detail, but the church is currently in the process of being registered. The land is properly measured and checked with the land surveyors. A price is agreed upon and so now they just wait until the purchase can be made. They are so excited for the future church

2024 is going to look a little different from how Phil and Vina originally planned. They have been asked to move their attendance dates forward for the Missions Conference of one of their supporting churches in the USA. They last attended in 2020. After much consideration, prayer and wise council they have decided to take part of their home assignment to attend the conference and for deputation.

Phil and Vina praise the Lord for His gracious provision for ALL of their daughter’s medical bills through His servants who love Him. Angelique and Boeta will graduate in May 2024. Boeta would like to study further in seminary with a goal of becoming a pastor in the future. Angelique is looking towards going into tribal missions and would like to attend mission training school. Valerie-Anne and Lamar continue to faithfully serve at Rock Haven Bible Camp. Lamar has decided to focus on full time ministry and trust the Lord fully for His provision. Their grandson Timmy is growing fast and they delight in having him be part of their lives even if it is from afar.

Please pray for:

The outreach teaching. With just a few lessons remaining the people will need to decide whether they will turn their backs on what they have learnt through the lessons or trust in God fully.

The Agutaya church to stand firm in their faith and be a good testimony to all.

Phil and Vina’s children as they seek to make plans after college.

The Lord’s guidance and favour in getting the land and church registered.

Many to come to know Christ. In addition, that they would find nothing too hard to do for Him.

Phil and Vina as they continue to serve the Lord on Agutaya. Pray that they will remain steadfast and continue to seek God’s will.