Everything is “new”

Angelika and Sara now live in a “new” house, in a “new” village, in a “new” environment, in a “new” province in Southeast Asia. The people there speak a language that they do not understand, so it is also “new” to them.

At the end of last year, Angelika and Sara were able to witness the joyful event of the New Testament dedication in the language of a people group in the north-east. A family who has been in the ministry and worked there for 36 years, has now, with the grace, strength and help of the LORD, completed the translation of the New Testament and portions of the Old Testament. And now, with great joy and gratitude, local brothers and sisters in Christ there have received the Living Word in their mother-tongue.

After they returned to the city from this celebration, they had a week to pack up all their belongings and say goodbye to their neighbours and friends before moving to the new area. It was a physically and emotionally draining time, but the LORD gave them the strength.

Moving into their house was delayed. Their original plan was to move in November, but in the end, it was January. They are learning to remain flexible with the plans they make. It’s not always easy, but it teaches them to trust the Father’s timing. Village life is very different: local people visit every day; children want them to play with them. Angelika and Sara are pleased that they are so open and are grateful for these relationships.

Now they are ready to start learning the language, which will be their main task from now on. They would appreciate your prayers for them in this task. They must first familiarise themselves with the new sounds of the language. They now have a young woman as a language-helpers, who is so willing and motivated to help them learn on a daily basis. Praise the Father for that.

Angelikas’s dad was hospitalised with pneumonia towards the end of last year. Angelika and Sara were able to travel within the country to the home of Angelika’s parents to be a help to her mum. They were still there when her dad was released from the hospital and are very grateful to God that he is well again. The LORD is good!

Their co-workers would like to translate the Bible. They also need Pwo Karen people to help them with the translation process. Each verse must be discussed with a native speaker and the best possible translation must be found. This kind of work is not for everyone, so please pray that God will give their co-workers a good translation helper who has the right skills, the time and is also reliable.


– How HE has brought everything together.

– That Angelika’s dad is well again.

– For HIS strength and protection during the move.

– For the villagers who have been giving them a warm welcome, and good relationships with the children.

– For a motivated and very helpful language-helper.

– For the team they can work alongside with.


– That the people around them would see HIS light in Angie and Sara and become curious.

– For good ears to hear the new language sounds.

– Translation helpers for their co-workers.

– For patience as they are still settling in.

– That they can find and be involved in helpful projects.

– For their team as they minister together.

– Energy and strength for daily life and language learning.