Evangelistic Bible studies

Ragnar and Elizabeth Niclasen are always excited to share the most exciting story in the world with others.
Recently one of the men in the Kankana-ey church in the town near to where Ragnar and Elizabeth live, asked them if they would be willing to have some evangelistic Bible studies in his childhood home for his relatives.
Sadly, this man’s younger brother has passed away, but he wanted his widow and children to have the opportunity to hear what Christ did for them on the cross.
Always excited about opportunities to share the most exciting story in the world with others (especially Kankana-ey), Ragnar and Elizabeth told him they would be glad to.
On the first night Ragnar and Elizabeth expected four or five people, but the family had invited friends and neighbours so Ragnar and Elizabeth were surprised to see sixteen people attend. The next week there were thirty, and that has basically continued. Ragnar and Elizabeth would be happy to do the study for just one person, but the more that attend the more that get to hear this wonderful news, so they were very thankful for the good start.
Ragnar and Elizabeth are trusting that the interest in studying God’s Word will continue and that they will come to understand that sin has separated us from God, but that He graciously did something to bridge that gap. Praise Him!!
One lady, who is in her 80’s, faithfully attends each week. She asks excellent questions at the end of each lesson, which gets everyone thinking and paying close attention while the lesson is being taught.
The evening usually ends with everyone enjoying Pandasal – Filipino bread, with a cup of coffee while discussing the lesson.
Recently, Ragnar and Elizabeth have been encouraged to have a group of ten young people join them in going to the study.

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