Even though it may not be far to the finish line, it is still a lot of work. The higher you get, the more effort is needed to reach the next level. Erwin and Rita are thankful to God that they have great language helpers. Pray that Erwin and Rita would reach their goal within the next year!

Over the last few weeks Erwin and Rita have been busy with moving house. Their new home belongs to the mission, and the family who used to live there has gone on furlough. They will return in a year, so by then, Erwin and Rita would like to have finished their language and culture studies in the capital.

They are very grateful for the house as it has many other advantages besides the lower rent. It is much closer to the school and play school that their children attend, and closer to the mission and to the church. The disadvantage is that they will no longer live near their host family and some friends. Rita has to get used to the new roads again, after she had just got used to the environment in the other city.

Unfortunately, with the move Erwin’s back is worse again. He has seen a doctor and needs to continue his exercises, and see if it gets better. If not, a physiotherapist probably needs to be consulted. Pray for protection in travel and wisdom for child raising.

Erwin and Rita’s main goal is to start, maintain and deepen relationships/friendships with the local people. That is why they are learning the language and therefore they also deal with their culture. Even after more than a year, it is not an easy task to start up and deepen friendships.

Erwin and Rita have contact with other missionaries with whom they mainly speak English, and German-speaking Mennonites or emigrants too. Pray for good relationships with people around them.

Also pray that they would remain healthy as winter has arrived

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