For the Epp family this means pack your bags it’s time to evacuate! Pray for the situation the helicopter is needed in, and for good weather for the flights.
Before evacuation life was busy as usual with getting settled back in the village. Life started to feel ‘normal’ again, but Don and Char assure you it is not….. riding in a helicopter to get to their house, watching the internet for upcoming typhoons, working in and around three languages, and going surfing on their beach for an afternoon break. Life isn’t ‘normal’, as they continue to make the Word of God known among the Agta people.
Char has returned home to Canada for a quick two week trip to be with her mum while she moves off the farm. They are grateful for the opportunity for Char to do that.
Back in the village the whole family has enjoyed picking up where they left off with relationships. For them it feels like a world away, yet like home, exchanging stories and hearing the latest village news.
Ali, the children’s homeschool teacher arrived a month ago and has settled in quickly. She has taken on the full roll of teaching all three kids, and all they are enjoying her in the classroom, but also after class. The boys continue to take Ali out both day and night fishing, and Thea enjoys Ali’s company on the airstrip, playing volleyball or playing cards. The most remarkable thing however is how the community has accepted Ali and enjoys the extra addition to the community. Ali is welcomed by both Ilocano and Agta and Don and Char praise the Lord for her ministry among them.
Pray for the Agta believer, he is sharing what he knows from the Bible. A man died several hours hike down the coast, and they had a wake for him. This is a very fearful time in the Agta culture, as they believe the spirit of the deceased will now roam the jungle, causing death and sickness to the family etc. As one of the older men said to the kids, be careful, watch out for the ‘anito’ (ghost) of the dead man, the believer overheard and said, they don’t have to be scared, the Bible says the spirit is not here anymore.
Another time this believer and his family were traveling by boat with a convoy of one other boat. As they came to a place up the coast they were approached by a ‘big shark and both boat loads of people were scared of this fish circling them. It seems that this shark did not leave them alone. People started offering coins to the spirit of the ocean, to manipulate the spirit. At this point, the believer said, “That won’t help anything my wife prayed to God who is in control of the fish.” Pray that this believer will continue to grow in understanding in the Word of God and boldness

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