Benny and Kristina’s visa application worked out well and they have a student visa for a year. After living in a quite expensive guesthouse for the first ten days, they were able to move to a cheaper house which unfortunately was more than an hour away from the language school where they are learning Amharic (the language spoken in Addis Ababa and most parts of the country). The problem was that Kristina was not able to join the classes and so she tried to learn with a language helper at home while Benny was going to school by a minibus every day. But three weeks ago, they were able to move again. , This time, to a house that is only a three minute walk to the language school. This house has a much bigger compound for less money. Now Kristina is attending the classes as well making language learning much more effective.
Benny and Kristina enjoy learning Amharic even though it can be difficult but they see that they are making progress and they can even have little conversations with the Ethiopians. Many things are different for them moving to a different continent and a very different culture. One of the most time consuming things, especially in the first weeks, was to go shopping. As you can imagine it takes quite some time to find the things you need when you don´t have a big supermarket around the corner. But now they know where to find most things that they need on a daily basis.
One thing that really helps them a lot is the public transport system in Addis Ababa. Unlike in Europe, you don´t have to be at the bus stop at a certain time because in Ethiopian culture there is always another one about to come.
Benny and Kristina’s three children are quickly getting used to the changes. When the family are out in the street, people are very happy to see the children. They like to kiss their hands and give them a hug. The oldest two children are now familiar with these customs and even try to greet people in Amharic.
Pray that Benny and Kristina would make good progress with language learning. Another big prayer request is for a work permit; pray that they would know the result of their application long before their student visa expires so that they can plan their next step.

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