Eternal Words

Jamie and Char Hunt serve as missionaries in Paraguay, translating the Word of God. This is what they have been up to during October:

Jamie checked the Gospel of Mark with two men for comprehension and accuracy.

One of Jamie’s translation helpers was personally impacted by Mark’s account of Jesus’ power in casting out demons during his earthly ministry. The practices of some of the local people make these passages very relevant for him.

The language in their area has more than one dialect. The differences are in pronunciation, as well as in word choice (like the regional usage of the words). Therefore, they now have on the translation team a speaker of a different dialect so that he can help ensure a translation that communicates to all dialects. The Gospel of Mark passed the “dialect” check!

Last week, Char began “reverse translating” the Gospel of Mark from the local language back into English, so that the translation consultant, who does not speak that language can do a content check for accuracy. This consultant will also visit in March 2019 to check Mark with even more translation helpers.