Eternal value

As Andrew and Joanna continue to serve in Asia-Pacific, they have again been discovering that at times God works and provides in unexpected ways. They started 2024 with a thankful heart for God’s provision to them. As they look around, they also see many people with physical needs, and they are pulled in all directions as they ask themselves ‘how can we help’. More importantly they are also aware of the great spiritual needs.

A month into the New Year they are looking to their Heavenly Father daily to show them what He wants them to invest in. In their recent Bible study (BSF) they were asked the question “Do the physical demands of daily life overshadow spiritual priorities that hold values for eternity?

Every other month Andrew travels to different locations interior with the aim of connecting with parents, future dorm kids, and elders from existing churches. As there is an interest from other language groups for these teaching weekends to happen, their aim for this year is to continue and to be open to how and where God would lead as they plan these trips.

In the city he also continues with the chronological lessons every week. They are planning to continue teaching the lessons of the book of Proverbs till the end of April and to start one-on-one discipleship with the young guys from the dorm. Joanna is working on translating the Bible lessons for the book of Proverbs. They desire to have it made available to other youth works. Over Easter they would like to join a youth weekend connecting young people from two different language groups.

Joanna’s goals for this year include learning more biblical vocabulary to be able to better prepare for Bible lessons and to be involved with taking turns to teach the girls in the Monday night girl’s Bible study. She is continuing to teach their own kids English, German, reading and maths alongside their time learning in the national school locally.

Together they would like to see the guest rooms used more by whoever God would bring their way. Also, to be open for possible short trips interior as a whole family as God opens that door. They are planning a trip this month to encourage a local team of missionaries in the mountains.

Please pray for:
· Andrew and the team as they run youth weekends in Wana.
· The young men from the dorm who recently received Bibles and will start one-to-one Bible reading with Andrew.
· Their faithfulness in everyday routine and ministry.
· The young man paralysed after a motorbike accident, as he adjusts to a new setting.
· Andrew and Joanna as parents, as they lead and guide their kids and for them to grow in their understanding that Jesus wants a personal relationship with them.
· As they strive to have harmony and work well together as a team – three local families and one single.
· That they would soon finish official language and culture study.