Equipping to be relevant

It is now eight weeks since Christoph and Susanna arrived in Asia-Pacific and they are very thankful to God for how HE has carried them through this far.

The great thing about their arrival was that their house was prepared for them, i.e. the beds were made and the fridge was filled with the most important things. The team took a lot of time to guide them the first few days and show us where to find food, furniture, etc. This was a great help. In the first days. Their current goal is to be equipped to become relevant and useful tools in the hands of the Lord.

Many things are new and different and they have to get used to them. Nevertheless, with God’s help, they have been able to settle in well in their new home and some things have already become “normal” for them.

Christoph and Susanna started learning language four weeks ago. They are very grateful for and their language helpers and also look forward to getting to know them better and better. They have taken a lot of time to take Christoph and Susanna to special events, such as when the city celebrated its 1273rd birthday.

They are grateful that there are always events in the neighbourhood that make it easier for them to get to know others and to build and deepen relationships. For example, Independence Day on 17th of August, there was a morning neighbourhood walk followed by breakfast, karaoke singing, raffle and various games for young and old.

Their daily two-hour language lessons involve a lot of preparation and follow-up. Finding a good balance between work, family and time in the neighbourhood is the key.

Almost every day, in conversation with locals, they hear words used that they have learned over the past few days. This motivates and encourages them to continue learning, even if it is sometimes very tiring and involves a lot of work.

Not every day is easy, but every day they find enough reasons to give thanks and are able to experience repeatedly how God takes care of them even in the small details of their lives!

So that Susanna can also concentrate more on language and cultural studies, they have two household helpers who each morning cook for them, clean the apartment, and look after the children. A great help, but sometimes also challenging to live together with not yet familiar people from another culture.

Three times a week Joas looks forward to going to a playgroup. Besides playing, he is already learning the language. Amos is developing rapidly and has started crawling.

They are thankful…

… that God has led them as a family so far and carried them through.

… for their team who were very helpful, especially in the beginning.

… for their new home and the encounters with neighbours.

… that Joas enjoys going to the playgroup.

Please pray with them…

… for motivation and perseverance in language and cultural studies.

… that they will find a good balance between work, family and time with their neighbours.

… for opportunities to share about the Saviour.

… that their short-term visa will be changed into a yearly visa.

… that they find locals whom they can call “friends”.

Thank you so much for your prayers!