Enthusiasm rewarded

Ragnar and Elizabeth Niclasen continue to be thankful for each Kankanaey Bible that finds a home.

Two of their Kankanaey friends continue to be enthusiastic in seeing that people have opportunities to own one of these Bibles.

Ever since the Kankanaey Bibles were re-printed in 2017, not only were these friends very helpful in checking the Bibles, they have gone out of their way to see that the Bibles would not just stay in the storage area. On the fence of their home, they have a sign letting people know that Kankanaey Bibles are available inside.

They are always ready to see people have God’s Word in their own language in their hands.

Recently Ragnar and Elizabeth learned that their friend sought permission to have a booth to sell Kankanaey Bibles at a local festival. He had one of the young men in the church make a cabinet to fit the space they had been given. Then he recruited people to man the booth for the next seven days and was also there most of the time. Thirty-two Bibles were sold at the festival. What a wonderful opportunity!

Thank you for your part in praying so that these amazing events can continue!