Encouraging workshop

On their way back from Senegal Aaron and Amy met the SUMMIT team from the UK in Monrovia. Together they flew with MAF to the nearest airstrip to the village and from there they used a Samaritans Purse car to travel home.    

The next couple of weeks the team will be busy working on the office project. Pray for a good experience for the SUMMIT team and that the three young people will be challenged for missions work. Also pray for safety while working and for the relationships with the locals. Aaron and Amy are encouraged by the team’s visit, and they are looking forward to seeing how God will work during their time in the village.

Aaron is not sure how much he will be able to study during this time. Pray for Aaron’s language learning. They hope that by the end of the year he will have finished with his language studies.

The literacy material is just about finished, just some formatting and the printing still needs to be completed.

Pray for a good start of the new literacy class that is scheduled for July 10th, and for willing and interested students.

Thankfully, Aaron’s strength has increased and all his blood tests showed up normal.

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