Encouraging reports

Almost everyone continues to attend the Bible study each Sunday afternoon, having the desire to learn more of God’s Word. They would appreciate you continuing to pray for them, as criticism from their friends and neighbours is ongoing. The battle continues, Satan does not want them to have this desire to learn more about God and would love to see them discouraged and give up.

When Ragnar and Elizabeth had the ‘Review Scroll’ made to go along with the teaching lessons back in February, they were also given a digital copy of coloured pictures for each chronological lesson, as well as a set of black and white pictures and line drawings. Their hearts are indebted to a Christian Printing Co. in Ontario that offered to print 50 copies of each set for them. It was a happy day when Ragnar and Elizabeth picked them up. They were soon packed into boxes and now should be half way across the Pacific Ocean. The timing is perfect! It will be wonderful that they will have them for the upcoming workshops on teaching the chronological lessons.

Ragnar and Elizabeth are extremely happy for the blessing of recently spending time with both of their sons and their families. Their eight grandchildren are at the age where a year’s gap only takes one second to close. They are so thankful that they were able to jam a ‘years’ worth’ of time with their family into a few weeks. As the clock quickly ticked away, laid back occasions and serious talks brought plenty of joy to Ragnar and Elizabeth’s hearts!hanks for cheering Ragnar and Elizabeth on in this huge project of producing teaching material for the Kankana-ey. Knowing that you are faithfully praying for them is a huge encouragement.

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