Encouraging progress

A few days ago, Paul and Marina Briggs travelled from their village to the city to pick up some food and ministry supplies. They are enjoying having internet connection again for a little while and they thought it would be a good opportunity to send out a brief update.

The work among the Loron continues to make encouraging progress with:

  • The Loron Bible translation team making final preparations for a consultant check of 1 Corinthians in January 2019
  • Loron believers reaching out with the Gospel to another people group in the region
  • Numerous literacy classes continuing in different villages
  • A group of fifteen Loron church leaders receiving another week of concentrated Bible and missionary training from a team of Ethnos360/NTM missionaries

Please be praying specifically for:

  • Preparations for a week-long seminar early next year on the book of Romans
  • Marina as she begins a new literacy class with a group of teenagers
  • A Loron believer as he completes a translation from French into Loron of a short commentary on 1 Thessalonians

Thank you so much for your prayers and interest in what the Lord is doing among the Loron people.