Encouraging news

Paul and Susan Boothby returned to the UK at the end of February. They would appreciate prayer for the Gende believers. Also, pray for the Gende Bible teacher who continues with the teaching. He and Paul started a new evangelistic group in January, he has continued in Paul and Susan’s absence. Reports are that several trusted in Christ as their Saviour at the end of those lessons and the teaching has been moving along. All the believers meet together and they are now in the middle of the teaching from the book of Acts. Praise God.

Other news is that someone felled a tree and it landed on the generator shed outside Paul and Susan’s house in the village in PNG. Reports are that nothing inside was damaged but that can only be verified once they see it. The encouraging news is that a group of people have already rebuilt the shed. Thank the Lord.

Paul and Susan’s three daughters will soon be on three different continents. Pray for the whole family in this separation.

Prayer would be appreciated for a workable plan for Paul and Susan to be able return to PNG, even for a short period. Balancing their time with needs of relatives and the difficulty of getting longer-term travel and medical insurance is not always easy.