Encouraging meetings

The recent meetings with field leadership went well for Aaron and Amy who serve among the Glarro in Liberia, West Africa and they were encouraged. The church planting consultant checked through a few lessons with a local and Amy as an interpreter. He suggested they make a few tweaks, but in general, the lessons were communicating well. They will continue to use the same procedure to develop new lessons now, and they are hoping that with a more settled routine they can produce lessons faster.

Towards the end of the leadership visit Aaron had a high fever and took malaria medicine, thankfully he recovered quickly.

Amy’s literacy classes continue to make slow progress as the school is no longer open daily.

Two Glarro language helpers along with Aaron finished making changes to lesson 6. Afterwards they were too busy and not able to work with Aaron for several days. Aaron used this time to prepare materials ready for the local construction crew that will come this Saturday to build an addition to their office.

Pray for Aaron as he reworks lesson 7 (about the Fall), which is still in a very rough form, with his language helpers this week.

Aaron and Amy thank God for the strength that He gives them daily to continue, for the meetings with the field leaders and the church planting consultant, that Aaron was back on his feet so quickly and for the construction crew arriving this weekend for seven to ten days. Pray that they can make good progress and that the work will not be too much of a distraction to the lesson making.

Pray for the two lesson helpers, that they come to believe that God’s judgment is just and that they deserve it too.