Encouraging meetings

Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach serve God in Liberia, West Africa, among the Glarro people. The last few weeks were rather uneventful with only a few interruptions here and there, so they were able to get things done. Their co-workers had been sick for several weeks, but they are all better now and all are thankful for that.

Aaron has been working on revising some lessons with his language helper. They have made some good progress. Pray for concentration and alertness when they work on Bible lessons, particularly in the afternoon heat.

Public school is scheduled to start next month. When it starts up again, Amy will continue teaching literacy classes for children. Until then, she has a bit more time to draw up her conclusions for the Glarro discourse analysis.

Aaron and Amy thank the Lord that they are now in a good working routine with flexible lunch hours, and are able to make progress in Bible lesson making and the discourse analysis.

Last week they had  some meetings with the field leadership team, some of whom are very experienced in Bible lesson making. As a team, they picked their brains for ideas on how to speed up their Bible lesson making. The team is also thankful for leadership’s willingness to travel from another West African country in order to meet with them. They are thankful that the meetings have been very good and encouraging.

Pray that the team will continue to trust God and draw close to Him, in spite of busy schedules.

Thank you for your prayers for the missionaries and the Glarro people.