Adrian and Evelyn Jotter with Melissa, Lukas und Olivia recently attended the mission’s field conference in Manila with many of the Ethnos360/NTCP missionaries who serve in the Philippines. It normally takes place every two years. Due to the pandemic, the last one took place five years ago. The conference was very encouraging and they met many co-workers for the first time. Because the Philippines is made up of many islands, it is not feasible to visit everybody.

Since Adrian, Evelyn and family arrived in the Philippines over a year ago, they had not left their island and their kids were very excited to get on an aeroplane again.


For an encouraging first language check mid-May that showed that they are right where they should be, and Evelyn was not too nervous.

That the relationships with their language helpers and neighbours steadily deepens.

That they were able to learn more about some aspects of Filipino culture due to a few misunderstandings that are now resolved.

The missionary ladies have had a weekly Bible study together since they arrived, and that the men finally found a time that they can meet weekly as well (6am!). These are important and encouraging times of fellowship for them.

Since the middle of May, Evelyn has been driving

That they were able to finish first grade in home schooling with Melissa successfully. She has developed into an enthusiastic reader.

For safety travelling from Manila to the conference location and back by bus, for flights and travel on their island, where they experienced some flooding.


Renewed energy as the return travel left them feeling absolutely exhausted.

Continued progress in language and culture study.