Daniel and Nicole Noort, who serve among the First Nations people of Canada, feel refreshed and renewed in their minds even though they have still been busy. Over the last two months, they have focused more on finishing the house they live in. They finished the bedroom and bathroom in the basement. This will enable young believers who are still struggling with addiction to stay with them to be discipled as the Lord leads and guides. For now, at least the house is ready to host their son David and some of his friends from Bible School and Bible Camp to stay with them this coming weekend. They are looking forward to celebrating David’s 21st birthday.

Summertime on the reserve means many people are on the move travelling around. Church attendance is usually low during this time.

At the beginning of July, Daniel and Nicole were able to help organise and attend a Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (NEFC) conference. It was their first full attendance of a NEFC conference and they were invited to attend the NEFC annual meeting. They learned a lot about what is going on within NEFC.

During the conference, Daniel was honoured to be able to help baptise four young believers who just started in their new life walking with the Lord. It is a wonderful thing to see young people making a commitment to following the Lord. Please keep them in your prayers because they will be facing many temptations and trails as they learn to grow up in the Lord. The conference was a wonderful encouragement to keep pressing on to see more First Nations people grow into the same level of maturity in Christ as they saw during the conference.

Daniel recently learned more about culture and native beliefs and was able to make a good friend who invited him to return to talk more. They participated in a community meal.

August looks to be a busy month. They are hoping to host a friend from their home church in the Netherlands who plans to stay for ten days. Right after that, they hope to join a team from a church further north that plans to do the annual vacation Bible school in their local town. Please pray for them as they have been asked to do the Bible teaching during this week. The theme will be “Keepers of The Kingdom” with Ephesians 6, “wearing Gods armour” as the focus. They are hoping to teach in a way that the kids will understand in their native/western worldview. Pray that God will help them recognise truth and that the seeds sown will bear fruit.

Daniel and Nicole are also looking forward to travelling back to Ontario in August to reconnect with a supporting church and give an update and message, and visit friends there too.

Daniel and Nicole praise the LORD for:

– Being encouraged in the Lord

– God’s help finishing the basement

– God’s rest in busyness

– Growing relationships and trust

– Ability to connect with more people

– A great NEFC conference and for being part of this part of His body

Pray for:

– God’s help during a busy August

– Wisdom in teaching the local children

– Helpers in the church

– God’s help in preparing for the Creation to Christ Bible Study taking place in September

– Them to keep the balance between work and rest

– God’s guidance when visiting Ontario